General Objectives

The Carolo-Cup is a student competition, providing student teams with a platform for the design and implementation of automated RC cars. The main challenge is to implement cutting-edge algorithmic solutions for vehicle control and environment perception, based on a realistic application scenario.
In the annual competition, the students will present their solutions to a jury from academia and industry, while competing with other international teams from different universities.


Each student team is put in charge of developing, producing and demonstrating a cost- and energy-efficient 1:10 concept of an automated vehicle by a fictional OEM.
During the competition several driving tasks have to be executed as fast and precisely as possible.
In addition, the developed concept must be presented and explained.
In 2017 additional challenges have been introduced: The teams must not only stop at intersections and evade obstacles on the road, but also recognize and adhere to traffic signs. This enables more complex situations at intersections and shall provide an even more realistic urban setting.


Each concept and its realization will be assessed in comparison to the results of the other participating teams.
For this, the teams compete in different static and dynamic events, while being awarded at most 1050 points.

The maximum amount of points per event is distributed as follows:

Static Events

  • Presentation style and overall concept: 150 pts.
  • Technical solutions: 150

Dynamic Events

  • Parking: 200 pts.
  • Free Drive (w/o obstacles): 200 pts.
  • Obstacle Evastion Parcours: 300 pts.